As of April 21, 2017 at 8:00pm Central Time, contact information for Washington PMP support will change. This will not affect the level of service offered by the help desk.

    Phone: 877-719-3121



    Prescription Monitoring Program

    Data submission requirements changed October 1, 2016

    • Dispensing records must be submitted within one business day.
    • Zero reporting is required
    • NPI and phone numbers for both the prescriber and dispenser are required (when available).

    The Prescription Monitoring Program (Prescription Review) is a patient safety tool. Practitioners will have access to the information before they prescribe or dispense drugs. The information provided allows a practitioner to look for duplicate prescribing, misuse, drug interactions, and other potential concerns. By having this information available before prescribing or dispensing, a practitioner can provide improved care to their patients

    Prescription Review is accessed through Secure Access Washington (SAW)

    * Providers looking to set up a PMP account please start here: Practitioner / Pharmacist Registration.

    For more information, browse this website or contact the PMP staff.


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