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    Prescription Review is working right now to integrate security authentication with Secure Access Washington (SAW). This will change how users access the site, making access easier and more convenient. This change will require all users to set up personal accounts with Secure Access Washington (SAW) if they haven’t yet done so. SAW is a security tool many Washington state agencies use for conducting online transactions. You may already have a SAW account you use for licensing, car tab renewals, or any other of a long list of state services already integrated with SAW. Prescription Review expects this change to take effect for providers by the end of April 2015. Please make time to review your SAW access or set up an account with SAW so you’re prepared for this change and your access to the PMP isn’t interrupted. We will provide additional updates as our Go Live date approaches.

    Secure Access Washington (SAW) Website:

    How To / Training Video for SAW:

    This will not affect uploader accounts or the way that uploaders access the system for reporting.


    Washington State Prescription Monitoring Program

    The Prescription Monitoring Program (Prescription Review) is a patient safety tool. Practitioners will have access to the information before they prescribe or dispense drugs. The information provided allows a practitioner to look for duplicate prescribing, misuse, drug interactions, and other potential concerns. By having this information available before prescribing or dispensing, a practitioner can provide improved care to their patients.

    On October 7, 2011 dispensers began submitting data for the program on Schedules II, III, IV and V controlled substances dispensed to patients. The protected health information will be collected and stored securely.
    As of May 2012 all user groups outlined in our law and rules can request patient prescription information.
    For more information, browse this website or contact the PMP staff.


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